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Building computer vision tooling with Niko from Rerun Episode 53

Building computer vision tooling with Niko from Rerun

· 25:47

Nikolaus West is the founder of Rerun.io - Visualize computer vision.

What we discuss:
  • Finding a problem to work on 
  • What are some of the features that will be free and open source?
  • What’s the difference between a commercial and a free service?
  • The most important thing is that we’re building something that will be useful
  • How to get into the minds of computer vision developers
  • Why build in Rust
Rerun - https://www.rerun.io/
Niko's Twitter - https://twitter.com/NikolausWest

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Creators and Guests

Elliott Roche
Elliott Roche
Freelance Podcast Editor
Nikolaus West
Nikolaus West
Making software that understands the world understandable for humans. https://github.com/rerun-io/rerun


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