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Developer Marketing with Adam DuVander Episode 45

Developer Marketing with Adam DuVander

· 34:06

Adam DuVander is an expert in developer marketing and the author of two books: Developer Marketing Does Not Exist and Technical Content Strategy Decoded. 

In this episode, we dive deep into the world of developer marketing, specifically focusing on early-stage companies building tools for developers and how to create engaging content for your audience.

What we cover:
  • Adam's journey from journalism to developer marketing
  • The importance of developer marketing for early-stage companies and its role in product growth
  • Identifying your target audience and understanding their pain points
  • How to create content without directly promoting your product, yet staying relevant to your target audience
  • The concept of becoming a media company within your niche and providing value through content
  • The importance of engagement metrics over vanity metrics for early-stage companies
  • The Jedi Developer Mind Trick: how to showcase the value of your product without directly promoting it, especially for early-stage companies
  • Examples from successful early-stage companies like LogRocket and Stoplight
  • How to measure the success of your content and know if it's working for your early-stage company
  • Tips on choosing the right topics that resonate with your audience and relate to your product
  • Adam's new book, Technical Content Strategy Decoded

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Creators and Guests

Adam DuVander
Adam DuVander
Author of Developer Marketing Does Not Exist. I help dev-focused marketers build a content strategy to reach more developers. Previously @zapier, @sendgrid
Elliott Roche
Elliott Roche
Freelance Podcast Editor


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