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Demand Generation for DevTools - Dino Kukic from Hygraph Episode 39

Demand Generation for DevTools - Dino Kukic from Hygraph

Dino Kukic is Head of Demand Generation at Hygraph. Hygraph is the federated content platform that allows you to unify, structure, enrich and distribute content from anywhere to anywhere.

· 18:58

Scaling DevTools is the podcast that investigates how DevTools go from zero to one. Created by Jack Bridger, founder of BitReach. BitReach helps DevTool companies reach more developers. In scaling DevTools, Jack explores how startups sell to developers, build tools and become successful.

What we cover
  • Introduction Hygraph
  • Finding your focus
  • Demand Generation
  • What is a good SEO strategy?
  • Does performance marketing work with developers?
  • How to target developers
  • Working with sales teams
  • Collaborating on content
Where to hear from Dino
Where to hear from us

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Creators and Guests

Dino Kukic
Dino Kukic
Head of Demand Generation @ https://t.co/p36XS2NQBCSEO Consultant @ https://t.co/qNzEQxOFxe
Lydia Melvin
Lydia Melvin
Editor of Scaling DevTools


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