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From mobile app to mobile developer tool with Gabriel Savit from Runway Episode 58

From mobile app to mobile developer tool with Gabriel Savit from Runway

· 41:40

Gabriel Savit is the founder and CEO of Runway - a tool to coordinate and automate mobile app releases.
  • Introductions 0:00
    • Introduction to Gabe
    • Underlying themes of runway mobile release management.
  • What’s it like to work with mobile teams? 2:19
    • Challenges for mobile teams to keep tabs on.
    • The third party ecosystem problem.
    • The origin story of the team.
  • The process of running a release was something that resonated immediately. Different teams set this up differently. 8:23
  • What was the next step after you gathered the feedback? 10:38
    • The first round of interviews to validate the problem space.
    • How the interviews were conducted.
    • The feedback loop is not always closed.
    • The next step after gathering the feedback.
  • How do you get an MVP out quickly? 15:31
    • Starting with one integration, one part of the process.
    • The first few pilots.
  • How did you get your first customer to buy in? 18:24
    • Onboarding the first customer or first user.
    • Getting the first cohort involved.
    • Aligning with the overall vision of the platform.
  • What is the go to market motion? 33:14
    • Go-to-market motion, demo, sync, sign up, demo.
    • Self-service, keeping the entry point open.
  • What’s the future direction of the platform? 36:18
- https://twitter.com/gabrielsavit
- https://runway.team/ 

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