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James Hawkins - co-founder & CEO of PostHog Episode 86

James Hawkins - co-founder & CEO of PostHog

· 39:51

James Hawkins is the cofounder and CEO of PostHog. PostHog is a platform to analyze, test, observe, and deploy new features.

This is the second time James has been on and the episode is mostly about how they run PostHog.

It's a pretty unconventional approach - probably because James thinks very deeply about how organizations should operate.

What we discuss:
  • How PostHog hire
  • His approach to one-on-one meetings
  • The role of engineers in product development
  • The impact of open source projects on PostHog's success
  • A surprising secret to success (fun)
  • Importance of listening to developers

  • James's Twitter https://x.com/james406
  • PostHog https://posthog.com/
  • The Mental Workload of Hoovering https://jefhawkins.com/blog/mental-workload-of-hoovering
  • Ray Dalio's Principles https://www.principles.com/  
  • James's first interview https://podcast.scalingdevtools.com/episodes/working-with-enterprise-clients-with-james-hawkins 
This episode is sponsored by WorkOS. If you're thinking about selling to enterprise customers, WorkOS can help you add enterprise features like Single Sign On and audit logs.

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Elliott Roche
Elliott Roche
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James Hawkins
James Hawkins
getting to $20M ARR, building in public | @posthog cofounder | orange blooded @ycombinator alum | makes money by shipping things for free | threadboi alum


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