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From VC to DevTools with Karl Clement, founder of CODEOWNERS Episode 51

From VC to DevTools with Karl Clement, founder of CODEOWNERS

· 28:35

Karl Clement is the founder of https://codeowners.com/ 

CODEOWNERS is the single source of truth for code ownership.

  • Introducing Karl 
  • Code ownership
  • What are the types of people that are implementing code Code Ownership
  • How to find and reach platform engineers.
  • What are some of the key metrics that organisations are looking for to measure the value of their tooling?
  • Dora metrics
  • Mean time to resolution, MTTR
  • What is Backstage and how has it been used?
  • Improving the developer experience with Backstage.
  • Backstage implementation is essentially a signal that a company is willing to invest in the organisation but the developer experience as a whole, which is great
  • Backstage implementation is a signal of investment in the organisation.
  • How venture capital can help with product development.
  • If you’re building a product in a space that no one else is in, you are reducing your odds

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