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Killing features with Josh Twist, founder of Zuplo Episode 55

Killing features with Josh Twist, founder of Zuplo

· 36:02


Josh Twist is the founder of Zuplo, an API gateway

  • Introducing Josh Twist, the founder of Zuplo. 0:00
    • Zuplo vs Azure API management.
  • How do you make this fit into the developer workflow? 3:06
    • How Zuplo fits into the development workflow.
    • How to democratize API management and make it something every business wants to use.
    • Best practices for implementing API key authentication.
    • Stripe quality API out of the box.
  • The power of removing friction in creating a better experience. 8:58
    • The power of removing friction from the process.
  • How do you create a product that is easy for beginners but still has a powerful experience? 11:31
    • Loom is a great example of a product that exists only because it removes friction.
    • Building a product is like building a video game.
    • How to keep both the developer and the customer experience in mind.
    • The formula one analogy for designing a product from scratch.
  • What’s going to go into the next generation of Zuplo? 17:27
    • How Zuplo keeps things simple and makes decisions.
  • Why you have to have a lot of customer empathy and invest in tools. 19:39
    • The importance of customer empathy.
    • Why Josh made the decision to switch over to OpenAPI.
    • Killing features can be hard as a business-to-business company.
    • One chart to think about.
  • The importance of partnerships and content. 24:29
    • Making videos for supabase customers.
    • Partnerships with other small businesses.
    • How Zuplo got their first customers.
  • Zuplo rate limiting feature. 28:02
    • Rate limiting in Zuplo and Supabase.
    • Developers who are small-scale loving Zuplo
    • Making videos
    • Removing friction and building an 11-star experience.
Zuplo - https://zuplo.com/
Josh Twist - https://twitter.com/joshtwist

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