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The first 2,000 GitHub stars with Matija Šošić from Wasp Episode 33

The first 2,000 GitHub stars with Matija Šošić from Wasp

Matija Šošić is the CEO & Co-founder of Wasp. Allows you to develop full-stack web apps without boilerplate.

· 27:15

Scaling DevTools is the podcast that investigates how DevTools go from zero to one. Created by Jack Bridger, founder of BitReach. BitReach helps DevTool companies reach more developers. In scaling DevTools, Jack explores how startups sell to developers, build tools and become successful.

What we cover
  • An introduction to Wasp
  • The Wasp journey so far
  • The ups and the downs
  • Having conviction
  • Reviewing progress
  • Communication with users
  • Reaching Junior Developers
  • What advice would you give?
Where to hear from Matija
Where to hear from us

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Creators and Guests

Lydia Melvin
Lydia Melvin
Editor of Scaling DevTools
Matija Sosic
Matija Sosic
Building web framework with a twist. Sharing what I learn.CEO at @WaspLang | yc alum


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