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Bootstrapping DevTools with Michael Christofides Episode 4

Bootstrapping DevTools with Michael Christofides

Michael Christofides is the founder of pgMustard - a tool for reviewing Postgres query plans quickly. Michael was previously Head of Customer Success at GoCardless and Lead Product Manager at Red Gate.

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Michael Christofides is the co-founder of pgMustard, a Postgres tool that speeds up your journey from knowing which query is a problem to working out what can be done about it. The aim of pgMustard is to build a small, sustainable business that is the best at what it does. pgMustard recently celebrated their 100th subscriber - so they are well on their way! Michael also consults, talks at conferences and writes about Postgres performance.

Scaling DevTools
Scaling DevTools is the podcast that investigates how DevTools go from zero to one. Created by Jack Bridger, founder of BitReach. BitReach helps DevTool companies reach more developers. In this series Jack will explore how startups sell to developers, build tools and become successful.

What we cover
(00:41): Could you tell us a bit about where pgMustard is right now and what your focuses are at the moment? 
(01:22): Could you tell us a bit about what you're currently doing in terms of growth and, what's keeping you up at night at the moment with pgMustard? 
(02:47): One of the things that I’ve noticed when I go to the pgMustard website, is that you’re very ethical. There’s no small print, everything is as kind as it could be. Is that something you’ve consciously gone after? 
(04:22): Let's say some founders are considering this. Has there been any tangible benefits that could persuade them to become whiter than white?
(06:52): You have previously worked as a Head of Customer Success at a big, what could be described as a DevTools, startup GoCardless. Do you think this is where some of your approach came from?
(09:42): Stepping back from pgMustard, what has and hasn't worked in terms of growth?
(14:09): Are there any kind of general lessons that you would give to maybe yourself starting again? Or another DevTools founder?
(19:54): How can people learn more about you and about pgMustard?

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