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Why developers trust Resend, with Zeno Rocha Episode 74

Why developers trust Resend, with Zeno Rocha

· 41:42

Zeno Rocha is the founder of Resend. Zeno is also the founder of React Email.

Resend is a simple-to-use email API built for developers.

Previously Zeno was the VP of DX at WorkOS and the creator of the popular Dracula VS Code theme as well as the popular open source project Clipboard js. 

This episode is sponsored by WorkOS. If you're thinking about selling to enterprise customers, WorkOS can help you add enterprise features like Single Sign On and audit logs.

What we talk about
  • Building trust and a great developer experience
  • Creating a successful open-source project (Clipboardjs)
  • The importance of storytelling and a coherent (launching react email and Resend)
  • The importance of a great readme
  • Prioritization, descoping and making something worthy of being shared by Guillermo Rauch
  • Zeno's Twitter Rocha - https://twitter.com/zenorocha
  • Resend - https://resend.com/
  • React email - https://github.com/resend/react-email
  • Dracula theme https://draculatheme.com/visual-studio-code 
  • Clipboardjs - https://clipboardjs.com/
  • WorkOS - https://workos.com/

Creators and Guests

Elliott Roche
Elliott Roche
Freelance Podcast Editor
Zeno Rocha
Zeno Rocha
Founder & CEO at https://t.co/VDv4R70kzh (YC W23) 💌 https://t.co/zOO7YYd3tO 🧛‍♂️ https://t.co/YTFlHxxRFa


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