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Bootstrapping Flagsmith to $3m ARR Episode 84

Bootstrapping Flagsmith to $3m ARR

· 50:28

Ben Rometsch is the founder of Flagsmith. Flagsmith is a Feature Flag & Remote Config Service that recently reached $3m ARR.

Ben candidly shares exactly how they started, how they got enterprise customers and how they worked with Polychrome to take Flagsmith to the next level.

  • Ben's Twitter https://x.com/dabeeeenster
  • Flagsmith https://www.flagsmith.com/
  • Polychrome https://polychrome.com/
This episode is sponsored by WorkOS. If you're thinking about selling to enterprise customers, WorkOS can help you add enterprise features like Single Sign On and audit logs.

Creators and Guests

Ben Rometsch
Ben Rometsch
Eggs Benedict connoisseur. Bollard lover. Feminist.
Elliott Roche
Elliott Roche
Freelance Podcast Editor


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