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Aaron Francis - how to make videos developers want to watch Episode 83

Aaron Francis - how to make videos developers want to watch

· 01:02:33

Aaron Francis is someone who needs little introduction. Especially if you've ever used Laravel or MySQL.

Aaron built up the highly acclaimed PlanetScale YouTube channel and now publishes content on his own channel and founded Try Hard Studios to help developer tools make amazing video content.

Here are some quotes from Aaron's viewers:
  • hey man your videos kick ass and i cannot thank you enough for your approach with these. your videos can be watched once and understood... every single one of them... i don't know how you do it, but the way you have picked to teach anything you teach is incredible. you freaking rock! thank you!
  • Great stuff! Love that you mix in a bit of fun with the content, it's what got me to subscribe!
  • I have been working with MySQL for last 17 years and I never use cursor but your video helped me to understand MySQL cursor. Thank you
  • iterally laughing out loud several times. absolute gold.
    (partner's like "what are you watching?!" "a guy seeding a database!"
In this episode, we take a deep dive into how Aaron makes videos and what you can learn from his approach.

This episode is sponsored by WorkOS. If you're thinking about selling to enterprise customers, WorkOS can help you add enterprise features like Single Sign On and audit logs.

  • Aaron's channel: https://www.youtube.com/@aarondfrancis
  • Aaron's Twitter https://x.com/aarondfrancis
  • Mostly Technical Podcast - https://mostlytechnical.com/ 
  • Try Hard Studios: https://tryhardstudios.com/
  • Aaron's Handwriting robots - https://x.com/aarondfrancis/status/1438888219471491074?lang=en 

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Aaron Francis
Aaron Francis
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