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Dana Oshiro - General Partner at Heavybit Episode 78

Dana Oshiro - General Partner at Heavybit

· 48:14

Dana Oshiro is a General Partner at Heavybit. Heavybit is a VC that invests exclusively in developer-first startups.

What we discuss:
  • One sharp thing. Finding an addressable chunk of a bigger opportunity. 
    • Thinking big & small
    • Are 5 people seriously going to support our migration from DataDog? At Facebook you had a lot of support people/systems you're forgetting
    • Finding the sidedoor
  • Stepping up as a founder
    • Fear of hitting up the people you respect.
    • Best founders build for themselves
    • Do founders get better at putting themselves out there?  
    • Speaking in front of people to make change - "there's a new approach. We deserve better!"
  • Movements
    • DevOps & JamStack
    • Don't try to control the movement
    • Joining into other movements
  • Dana Oshiro https://twitter.com/danaoshiro
  • Heavybit https://heavybit.com/
Thanks to Adam DuVander from https://everydeveloper.com/ for introducing us.

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Creators and Guests

Dana Oshiro
Dana Oshiro
General Partner @heavybit investing in developer tools | she/her | Canadian in SF, ikebana enthusiast
Elliott Roche
Elliott Roche
Freelance Podcast Editor


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