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Digger.dev - Pivoting four times, OpenTofu & ThePrimeagen Episode 79

Digger.dev - Pivoting four times, OpenTofu & ThePrimeagen

· 33:39

An interview with Igor Zalutski & Utpal Nadiger from Digger.dev.

Digger is an Open Source Infrastructure as Code management tool that helps orchestrate Terraform and OpenTofu within your CI/CD system.

We talk about:
  • What changed since Jack worked with Digger
  • How they pivoted four times to find PMF
  • How do you know you have something
  • OpenTofu & ThePrimeagen
This episode is sponsored by WorkOS. If you're thinking about selling to enterprise customers, WorkOS can help you add enterprise features like Single Sign On and audit logs.

  • https://digger.dev/
  • Igor - https://twitter.com/igorzij
  • Utpal - https://twitter.com/NadigerUtpal

Creators and Guests

Elliott Roche
Elliott Roche
Freelance Podcast Editor
Igor Zalutski
Igor Zalutski
Building https://t.co/29nDftzNBj - an open-source orchestrator for Terraform
Utpal Nadiger
Utpal Nadiger
either training, playing or shipping. building https://t.co/5PiZZSu8Y9. making cricketers life easier @thecricketrev. @lborouniversity alum.


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