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Ellen Chisa - Partner at Boldstart Ventures Episode 88

Ellen Chisa - Partner at Boldstart Ventures

· 38:26

Ellen Chisa is a partner at Boldstart Ventures. Prior to Boldstart, Ellen founded Darklang - a programming language. Before Darklang, Ellen worked in product.

What we discussed: 
  • Startups should focus on building one SDK and doing it well, rather than trying to build multiple SDKs at once.
  • North Star metrics
  • Developer tooling companies can learn from consumer-facing companies in terms of marketing and creating an identity for their product.
  • Being authentic as a founder and actively engaging with the community can help establish a strong brand and attract users. Recognize and leverage your unique strengths and skills.
  • Busy work can be valuable
  • The importance of segmenting your message
  • Ellen's Twitter/X https://x.com/ellenchisa?lang=en
  • Boldstart Ventures https://boldstart.vc/
  • darklang https://darklang.com/

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