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How to launch on Product Hunt with Flo Merian Episode 71

How to launch on Product Hunt with Flo Merian

· 23:36

Flo Merian is a developer marketer who has run successful Product Hunt launches for numerous developer tools.

Flo is also a maintainer of the Developer Marketing community and curates LaunchWeek.dev

Flo is a Product Marketer at Clerk - a user management tool 

  • https://twitter.com/fmerian
  • https://marketingto.dev/
  • https://launchweek.dev/
  • https://github.com/fmerian/awesome-product-hunt

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Creators and Guests

Elliott Roche
Elliott Roche
Freelance Podcast Editor
flo merian
flo merian
pmm @clerkdev; ex-founder; co-runs: (https://t.co/eUZzMBlR0e, https://t.co/6EfaSFn6ls); 2022 @ProductHunt Community Member of the Year (runner-up); INFJ 👋


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