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Make it real: Show the whole process - Lu Wilson from tldraw Episode 70

Make it real: Show the whole process - Lu Wilson from tldraw

· 30:32

Lu Wilson AKA todepond is one of the people behind tldraw, the infinite canvas for the internet.
Lu also has a youtube channel, todepond.
Lu also built the [hilarious] programming language dreamberd
Lu is also a researcher with Ink & Switch - an independent research lab

In this episode Lu shares how tldraw went viral again and again and again this year.

My biggest takeaways were to share your whole process and default to visual communication. 

- https://www.todepond.com/
- https://www.youtube.com/@TodePond
- https://github.com/TodePond/DreamBerd
- https://www.tldraw.com/
- https://www.inkandswitch.com/

Creators and Guests

Elliott Roche
Elliott Roche
Freelance Podcast Editor
Lu Wilson
Lu Wilson
building in public on another microblogging website that doesn't platform abuse~coder at @tldrawresearcher-in-residence at @inkandswitch


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