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OpenAI want to build the best developer product ever - OpenAI's first DevRel, Logan Kilpatrick Episode 68

OpenAI want to build the best developer product ever - OpenAI's first DevRel, Logan Kilpatrick

· 36:36

Guest: Logan Kilpatrick, member of OpenAI’s developer advocacy team, often described as OpenAI’s first DevRel.


  • Challenges and Growth: Logan discusses the evolution of developer engagement from GPT 3.5 to the explosive growth following ChatGPT's success. Initially faced with the challenge of generating developer interest, the release of ChatGPT marked a significant shift, highlighting the shift from awareness to scaling and improving developer experience amidst high demand and compute-intensive operations.
  • Developer Experience Focus: Logan emphasizes the focus on developer experience, detailing the balance between improving platform features and releasing new models and APIs. Despite past trade-offs, the goal remains to enhance core platform functionalities and developer-friendly features.
  • Decision Making and Prioritization: Logan shares insights into the dynamic and fast-paced environment at OpenAI, which requires flexibility in planning and prioritization. Key focus areas include documentation, product improvements, direct developer interactions, internal coordination, and supporting launches, especially the GPT Store.
  • Impact of Documentation: Underscoring the critical role of documentation, Logan points out that effective documentation is paramount for developer success, guiding the use of OpenAI's API and models. Efforts are underway to improve documentation quality and support various user personas beyond developers.
  • Developer Community Engagement: Lessons from engaging with the developer community include the need for diverse content formats and accommodating various user personas. Logan acknowledges the challenge of keeping documentation and resources updated in a rapidly evolving API landscape.
  • Building a Superior Developer Experience: Logan stresses the importance of OpenAI's mission to benefit everyone and the role of the API in achieving widespread impact. The commitment to providing the best tools for developers is seen as a differentiator in the competitive landscape of AI model providers.
  • Managing Attention and Feedback: Despite the challenges of being a public figure within the developer community, Logan values direct feedback for continuous improvement. Balancing public engagement with deep work, especially on documentation and launch support, is highlighted.
  • Community Questions and Answers: Logan addresses questions from the community, touching on the desire for innovative applications of OpenAI technology, plans for global events, prioritizing documentation, addressing developer concerns about scaling, and sharing personal preferences for deep dish pizza in Chicago.

Rapid Fire Community Q&A:

  • Innovative Applications: Logan hopes to see development of multiplayer, multimodal text-first AI assistants.
  • Global Events: OpenAI is expanding its presence, including hiring in London and considering events in cities like Atlanta.
  • DevRel Strategy for 2024: Focus on creating excellent documentation.
  • Developer Concerns: Addressing challenges around freedom to scale and capacity constraints.
  • Personal Time: Logan plans to take vacation during the end-of-year code freeze in 2024.
  • Chicago Deep Dish Recommendation: Lou Malnati's and Paradise Park are Logan's picks for the best deep dish pizza.

  • Logan's Twitter - https://x.com/OfficialLoganK
  • Romain's Twitter https://twitter.com/romainhuet
  • OpenAI https://platform.openai.com/
  • tlDraw https://www.tldraw.com/
  • Bloop https://bloop.ai/ 
  • Joyfill https://joyfill.io/
  • https://portkey.ai/
  • Stripe docs https://stripe.com/docs 
This episode provides a behind-the-scenes look at OpenAI's efforts to enhance developer engagement, the challenges of balancing innovation with platform stability, and the importance of community feedback in shaping the future of AI development tools.

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