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Exiting to Apple - Dennis Pilarinos from Unblocked Episode 69

Exiting to Apple - Dennis Pilarinos from Unblocked

· 33:46

Dennis Pilarinos is the founder of Unblocked. Unblocked allows lets you talk to your code base.

Dennis previously founded Buddybuild - a CI/CD tool for mobile developers.

In 2018, Buddybuild was acquired by Apple, and Dennis became a director in Development Technologies at Apple.

Some topics we cover:
- The story of Buddybuild and the Apple acquisition
- Why did Apple buy Buddybuild?
- Segmenting when building a tool for everyone

- Dennis' Twitter - https://twitter.com/dennispilarinos
- Buddybuild acquisition - http://tcrn.ch/2CG9s4G
- Unblocked - https://getunblocked.com/

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Creators and Guests

Dennis Pilarinos
Dennis Pilarinos
Software Entrepreneur. Founder & CEO https://t.co/rnM9OhMgRB. Prev: Founder & CEO @buddybuild (Acquired by Apple). Ex-AMZN (AWS). Ex-MSFT (Azure). Aviation Enthusiast.
Elliott Roche
Elliott Roche
Freelance Podcast Editor


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